Monday, 13 March 2017

Things You Must Know About Pregnancy And Fibroids

Many females of childbearing age group or the women who are already carrying a child in their womb are detected with varied gynecological concerns like endometriosis, fibroids as well as PCOS.  These highly frustrating issues actually take on the new height when a woman discover that she’s pregnant. In case, you’ve been informed that you’re having fibroids, it is apparent for you to wonder how it can impact the pregnancy. There some of these many questions that pop into your mind: 

    “Am I going to experience high-risk pregnancy?”
    “Can these fibroids put me and my baby at certain risks for some serious complications?”
Well, for some women, the fibroids generally have very little or no impact on the regular lives they lead, their fertility or else pregnancy.  But for other women, fibroid pregnancy can have major impacts on health. In case, you aren’t much aware of fibroids as well as pregnancy, here are certain things which you need to know: 

    Fibroids are quite common these days

Fibroids are the masses of certain compacted muscle as well as fibrous tissue. These are non-cancerous and mostly found either outside or else inside one’s uterine wall. The fibroid tumors can also be denoted as myoma or leiomyoma. This condition is quite common these days as majority of the women, including pregnant women, are having fibroids. 

    Fibroids differ in size 

There are some fibroids that are small as peas. On the other hand, some fibroids are as large as the grapefruits. They can be even larger than the grapes. Besides these, there are some fibroids that are even larger than grapefruits. While most of the fibroids would hardly grow in terms of size, one-third of it grows during the first trimester when a woman is pregnant. Fibroids that tends to grow during the phase of pregnancy are the most problematic ones since they can lead to miscarriage.

    Fibroids can either be asymptomatic or else problematic
In some cases, women who have fibroids may not experience any noticeable symptoms during, before or else after pregnancy. Whereas, for other women, fibroids can have some of these symptoms: 

1.    Abdominal Pain
2.    Constipation
3.    Frequent urination
4.    Pelvic pain and pressure. 

The women who aren’t pregnant but have fibroids may also experience heavy bleeding. In case you experience any of these symptoms, it is a must for you to consult the specialist as soon as possible. The medical field has come up with new developments for fibroids in terms of treatment. In case you’ve fibroids and you’re in your pregnancy phase, consider opting for UFE. Uterine Fibroid Embolization cannot just help in treating the fibroids but also assures safe delivery.