Thursday, 25 July 2019

Choose Alternative Fibroid Treatments to Avoid Hysterectomy

Uterine fibroids or leiomyomas are a very common gynaecological condition. According to recent studies, women in their reproductive age usually face this health condition. Fibroids are non-malignant tumour growths, and they appear in the smooth muscle layer of the womb.

The exact cause of this gynaecological condition is still unknown. However, some studies reveal the fact that the female hormone, i.e., estrogen plays a significant role in the growth of these tumours. 

Symptoms and Hysterectomy Treatment
Uterine fibroids do not involve life risk since they are non-malignant. But they may cause several symptoms which affect the well-being of women. Some of the major symptoms include heavy bleeding or painful menstrual period, constipation, painful intercourse, complications during pregnancy, frequent urinary issues, and more. 

Hysterectomy treatment in this context could be of great help and can treat women with fibroids. This is a surgical treatment, and it aims to remove fibroid affected uterus from the patient’s body. This surgery hardly allows women to conceive. This is why women, who want to get pregnant in the future often, prefer alternative treatments.   

Alternative Treatment Options  
Here are some treatment options you can choose if you want to avoid the surgery of removing the uterus. 

1.      Uterine Fibroid Embolisation (UFE)
Uterine fibroid embolisation or UFE is a minimally invasive process that has become popular within a short time. UFE treatment aims to prevent tumour growth. During this treatment, the blood supply to leiomyomas is blocked, and as a result, the tumours do not get nutrients to grow further. This is how the patients get relief. It involves rapid recovery and less risk. UFE is one of the major alternatives to fibroid removal surgery

2.      Myomectomy
Myomectomy is a surgery that aims to remove fibroids from women’s bodies. This can be performed through an operation or laparoscopically. The da Vinci robotic myomectomy is also a common option. Consult your surgeon who can suggest you the right treatment. 

3.      Hysteroscopy
During this treatment, your physician will insert a thin instrument, which is like a telescope. He or she will insert it through your vagina. This is a minor surgical treatment. But it does not involve much risk like the other major surgeries. 

4.      Medications
Uterine fibroids often cause intolerable pain. This symptom can be treated with certain medicines. Doctors usually prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to patients in order to cure them. If these medicines fail to treat women, there is another option. Your physician may prescribe you another type of drugs which regulate the estrogen level. 

Have you noticed any symptoms of uterine fibroids? If yes, then do not waste your time. Quickly book an appointment with a professional and experienced gynaecologist and meet him or her. Your surgeon can suggest the proper treatment for you.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Common Fibroids Myths You Should Never Believe

Uterine fibroids or leiomyomas is one of the most common health issues among women. As per the studies, women, who are at their childbearing age, may have this gynaecological condition. Fibroids are non-malignant tumour growths on the smooth muscle layer of the uterus. These tumours may appear in a single number or multiple numbers. Likewise, their size and position are also variable. 

In the following section; I have talked about some common myths about fibroids. If you want to know about this topic; you may go through the below section; right now. 

  •          All Women With Fibroids Have Some Symptoms

It is true that these tumours come with some major symptoms; like; heavy and painful bleeding period, constipation, frequent urinary issues, infertility or complicated pregnancy, pain during intercourse, and bloating of the abdomen. According to doctors; women who have this health issue; often come across absolute of no symptom. They consider leiomyomas asymptomatic. This is why; women with this health issue often remain unaware of it.

  •          Fibroids Will Become Cancerous

As I have mentioned before; fibroids are non-malignant tumour growths. Women, who are at their reproductive age; are prone to have these cysts. After menopause; they start shrinking. If women have these types of tumours after menopause; then they are at high risk. These types can be cancerous, and they are called; leiosarcomas. According to doctors; all women with leiomyomas are not at risk of developing cancer. Fibroids and fertility treatment can help you to deal with the symptoms. If you have this health issue; you should consult your gynaecologist as soon as possible.

  •          Fibroids Always Cause Infertility

These non-malignant cysts affect your fertility, but it does not mean that all women with this health issue will not be able to conceive. They cause complications during pregnancy. The size and position of your fibroid; determines whether it causes complications; during pregnancy or not. You can conceive after treating this health issue with proper treatment.

  •          Hysterectomy Is The Only Treatment Option

Hysterectomy is a surgical process of removing fibroid affected womb from the patient’s body. This is a traditional treatment option. It does not allow women to become pregnant. Women often think that this is the only option; left for them. However; it is not true. Over the course of time; doctors have introduced several treatments, including the followings, medications, hormonal treatment, uterine fibroid embolisation or UFE and myomectomy. Your physician will recommend you the suitable one; as per your condition.   

Have you read the above section? If yes; then you might have come to know about the facts and myths about uterine fibroids. In case; you have any symptom of leiomyomas; you should see an experienced and professional gynaecologist as soon as possible.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Fibroids in Just 2 Months

The heavy periods and the painful cramps during the menstruation time sucks. One of the primary reasons behind it is the fibroids. These tumours are non-cancerous and not life-threatening. This medical issue lingers among the women, mainly who belong to the South African community. Even some of the favourite foods you should step taking right now as they can cause fibroids. If you do not control the growth of these tumours, you can experience early menopause, or your uterus can be taken entirely out or go under the knife. 

If you do not want to choose any one of these above, there are some of the natural ways that you can opt for to eliminate or shrink these uterine growths completely. Keep on reading to know more-

Avoid Food and Toxins That Worsen the Fibroids
According to the specialists, the fibroids natural treatment is very much useful in reducing these growths from the roots. Some of the food items that you should stop taking right now include-

  •         High fat or processed meats
  •         Caffeine
  •         Conventional dairy
  •         Alcohol
  •         Refined Sugar
  •         Pesticides, bleach, fertilizers, herbicides, harmful cleaners and many more

Eat Food That Can Eliminate or Reduce Fibroids
You might believe or not; there are some food items that help in the process of eliminating or shrinking the fibroids. The food items that you can incorporate in your diet includes green leafy vegetables, flaxseeds, whole grains like wheat, brown rice, rye, oats, organic food items, herbal teas like yellow Dock, Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle, Chaste berry and so on. If you do not like fibroid removal surgically, you can consume these food items. Eating the organic food items can help in shrinkage of the fibroids. The natural green vegetables have the anti-inflammatory effects that discourage the growth of these uterine tumours. 

Try Using the Castor Oil Packs
The castor oil has the anti-inflammatory compound, known as the ricinoleic acid. It is seen that castor oil packs help in detoxifying the symptoms of fibroids along with constipation. You can apply the castor oil pack to the abdomen and increase the circulation in the lymphatic and the circulatory systems and also helps in improving the lymphocytes. Many holistic practitioners think that the toxins build up in the body that enhance the growth of fibroids

As per the study, the women who exercise more are less likely to get the uterine fibroids. Exercise helps in creating the circulation of blood flow, controlling the blood pressure, improves in the insulin sensitivity and also helps in maintaining perfect weight management.

These are some of the natural ways by which you can reduce the growth of the fibroids. Whether you are suffering from uterine fibroids or Adenomyosis, you have to follow the right steps to deal with them.